Food Menu

$5 Happy Hour Appetizers

M-Th: 5pm-7pm Fri: 4pm-7pm

Sat: 2pm-5pm Sun: 4pm-6pm

Beer Battered Jalapeno Poppers

Fried Pickles

Pretzels & Spicy Beer Cheese

Loaded Nachos

2 Slaw Dogs

Beer Battered Fish Bites



Food Specials

Falafel Platter- House made chick pea patties with pita, tomato, onion, lettuce and a yogurt, cucumber dill sauce.

Pork Sausage Meatball Grinder- House pork sausage meatballs with whipped ricotta cheese.


Food Menu


Maryland Crab Cakes $7.99 – Two locally produced crab cakes with chipotle aioli.

Jumbo Wings (6) $7.99 (12) $12.99 – Deep fried chicken wings with your choice of sauce:

Spicy Buffalo, Tangy BBQ, Chipotle BBQ or Chili Ginger Lime.

Slaw Dog $3 or two for $5 – Hummel Bros. Hot Dog, coleslaw & spicy thousand island. Add cheese $1 Bacon $1.50 Onions or Mushrooms $1

Loaded Nachos $9.99 – Cheddar jack, onion, tomato, green & red pepper, black beans & jalapenos. Served with a side of sour cream & salsa. Add chicken, beef or pulled pork $2

Beer Battered Jalapeno Poppers $5 - House crafted and served with a side of chipotle aioli.

Hummus Platter $7.99 - Fresh hummus, pita bread, carrots & mixed peppers.

Wraps & Sandwiches – served with a side of classic fries / substitute a side salad $1 or sweet potato fries $2.50

Chicken Caesar Wrap $8.99 – Grilled Chicken, romaine, parmesan, croutons & classic Caesar dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap $9.99 - Buffalo chicken, romaine, tomato, red onion & house bleu cheese dressing.

Steak & Cheese Wrap $10.99 - Philly Style sirloin steak, sautéed mushrooms & onions, romaine, tomato & cheddar jack.

Classic Grilled Cheese $5 – Cheddar, American & Pepper Jack cheese on white, wheat or rye.  Add tomato $1 or Bacon $1.50

BLT $6.50 - Bacon, romaine & tomato on white, wheat or rye. Add cheese $1.

Burgers & More - all burgers served with a side of classic fries, substitute a side salad $1 or sweet potato fries $2.50

Portobello Burger (Vegetarian) $10.99 - Cajun Portobello, romaine, sautéed onion, roasted red pepper & mayo  on brioche.

Classic 1/2 lb Burger $10.99 - Romaine, tomato & onion on a brioche bun. Add cheese $1 (Swiss, Cheddar, American, Pepper Jack, Bleu Cheese) Sautéed Mushrooms or Onions $1 Bacon $1.50

Black & Bleu Burger $12.99 – Cajun burger topped with bleu cheese & bacon served on a brioche with romaine, tomato and onion.

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.99 – Pulled pork topped with coleslaw & chipotle BBQ sauce on a toasted bun served with a side of classic fries. Add cheese for $1 (American, Pepper Jack, Swiss, Cheddar)

Beer Battered Fish Tacos $9.99 - Beer battered Pollack, roasted red pepper salsa & a creamy cilantro dill sauce.

10″ Gourmet Pizza $8.99 - Add BBQ or Buffalo Chicken $2 Onion, tomato or peppers $1 Bacon $1.50

Chicken or Beef Burrito $10.99 - Rice, black beans, cheddar jack, tomato, mixed peppers & sour cream.


House Salad $6.99 - Mixed Greens, Cajun glazed pecans, cucumber, roasted red pepper, tomato, onion, carrots & balsamic vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad $7.99 - Romaine, parmesan, croutons & classic Caesar dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Salad $9.99 - Buffalo chicken, romaine, tomato, onion & house made bleu cheese dressing.

Add to any salad: Grilled chicken $4 Portobello Mushroom Cap $3

Snacks & Sides

Fry Baskets - Classic $4 Cajun $4.50 Sweet Potato $5 Add cheese or bacon $1

Cajun Fried Chick Peas $3

Pint O’ Bacon $4

Beer & Wine Menu

Draft Menu

NITRO: Atwater Vanilla Java Porter

Iqhilika African Chili Mead

Sweetwater 420 Pale Ale

Sixpoint The Crips Pilsner

Harpoon Leviathan IPA

Citizen Cider Unified Press

New England Brewing Co. (Woodbridge) Sea Hag IPA

Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat

Ballast Point Peppermint Victory at Sea

Smuttynose Rocky Road Stout

BBC Holidale Barleywine

Thimble Island (Branford) Nighthawks Old Time Ale

Kona Koko Brown Ale

Troegs Mad Elf Belgian Strong Ale

Allagash Tripel

Stony Creek (Branford, CT) Reposado Negro

Yuengling Traditional Lager

Craft Bottles & Cans

For the Adventurous Wanderer

Innis & Gunn (Scotland) Rum Cask

Wells (UK) Banana Bread Beer

Wychwood (UK) Hobgoblin ESB

IQhilika (South Africa ) Coffee Mead

Harvey & Son (UK) Elizabethan Barleywine

Small Town (IL) Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Dogfish Head (DE) Palo Santo Marron

Belgian Sours

Alvinne (Belgium) Cuvee Freddy ”Sofie” Blonde  Sour

Rodenbach (Belgium) Classic Sour

Duchesse de Bourgogne (Belgium) Flanders Red

Belgian & Wheat Beer

Gulden Draak (Belgium) 9000 Quadruple

Brouwerj Huyghe (Belgium) Delirium Tremens

Allagash (ME) Belgian White

Lindeman’s (Belgium) Framboise Lambic

Blue Moon (CO) Belgian White

Dupont (Belgium) Foret Organic Saison

Pilsners & Ales

Oskar Blues (CO) Dale’s Pale Ale

Oskar Blues (CO) Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Sierra Nevada (CA) Pale Ale

Lagunitas (CA) Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale

Rogue (CA) Dead Guy Ale

Smuttynose (NH) Old Brown Dog

India Pale Ales

Blue Point (NY) Hoptical Illusion

Ballast Point (CA) Grapefruit Sculpin

Two Roads (CT) Lil Heaven IPA

Finchs (IL) Hardcore Chimera IPA

Two Roads (CT) Road 2 Ruin DIPA

Sweet Water (GA) Hop Hash DIPA

Standards & Lagers

City Steam (CT) Naughty Nurse

Full Sail (OR) Session Lager

Corona (Mexico) Extra Lager

Stella Artois (Belgium) Lager

Ciders & Gluten Free

Omission (OR) Gluten Free Pale Ale

Citizen Cider (VT) Full Nelson Dry Hopped Cider

Downeast (MA) Unfiltered Cider

Crispin (MI) Pear Cider

Angry Orchard (OH) Apple Ginger Cider

Angry Orchard (OH) Crisp Cider

Cider Boys (WI) Grand Mimosa Apple Orange Cider

Crabbies (UK) Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Crabbies (UK) Cloudy Lemonade

Stouts & Porters

Samuel Smith (UK) Organic Chocolate Stout

Samuel Smith (UK) Taddy Porter

Alltech (KY) Kentucky Bourbon Stout

Guinness (Ireland) Pub Stout Cans

Cheap Beer for Cheap Bastards

Pabst Blue Ribbon (IL) Tallboy

Narragansett (RI) Lager Tallboy

Coors (CO) Light Tallboy

Alcohol Free Offerings

St. Pauli Girl Non-Alcoholic Beer

Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite

Plain & Flavored Setlzer

Bottled Water

Coffee or Tea

Snapple Iced Tea

Red Bull Energy

Foxon Park (CT) Ginger Ale, Root Beer, Birch Beer

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